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At Sarv HR, technology is the backbone that seamlessly integrates and streamlines all functions, besides bringing the key value through building a strong framework operating within the secured environment. Sarv HR boasts of an inbuilt SAAS-based technology that uses the HR functionality as the foundation and delivers diverse solutions.

1. Payroll Management

With this automated platform, employers can manage the attendance of the organisation, leaves can be automated, and roll and payroll compliances are prepaid. Major features include reimbursements, incentives, travel approvals, IT and loans processing.

2. Performance Management Systems

Achieve automaton of processes, track productivity of employees. We power functions ranging from goal setting to parameters tracking to feedback survey.

3. E-sign

Through E-sign, companies can issue letters in an automated mode with digitized signatures. It includes Aadhaar links, test messages, OTP link, digital signatures, and integration with Whatsapp. As soon as the letter is validated and signed by the employer and the employee, it is automatically issued. One of the distinct facets of this application is that it facilitates the OTP-based Aadhaar e-sign on all uploaded documents.

4. Time sheet, task management and Project management

With this application, you can assign the task on the timesheet or the project management platform, and can track the employee’s work hours, calculate the time spent on each activity, and review individual productivity and efficiency. We also aid you in creating project summary, assigning roles, and generating reports, all under the project management fold.