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Our exhaustive gamut of services is aimed at conceiving, defining, formulating, and improvising HR policies and practices, ably integrated, and guided by technology.

The flagship offering of Sarv HR-HR Consulting encompasses an exhaustive gamut of consulting services that are aimed at conceiving, defining, formulating and improvising HR policies and practices. For over a decade we have specialized in customizing HR interventions that are indispensable in running businesses and form the backbone of talent management. Our interventions play a major role in creating an ideal employer branding that in turn plays a prominent role in attracting and retaining new talent, and tackling attrition, all based on the organization’s culture and business requirement.

With highly specialized teams to hand hold you in this mission, Sarv HR ensures that the best and the benchmarked practices are always at your dispensation, ably guided by technology and are sustainable and scalable in nature. We devise unique approaches to formulate a sustainable HR process framework that includes input gathering, review and analysis, end-to-end process design, application, and monitoring.

Our area of expertise include:

Designing of Organization Structure & Grading

Our custom-built organograms focus on design elements such as span of control, centralization/ decentralization, communication flow etc. The development process includes discussion on business objectives and integration of our vast organizational design expertise, alignment with industry practices for development of work break down functions. Our Grading intervention will help in manpower classification by competency and can be used for manpower planning and talent pool development.

Role Documentation

Our unique approach to document and roles in the organization with quantifiable deliverables has helped organizations optimally use their workforce. We use a comprehensive approach which includes, role interaction, study of actual deliverables, understanding monthly, quarterly and annual expectations and industry research to come out with a clear and comprehensive role document. Our expertise has helped in development of quantifiable goals for each role and has helped organization to measure the efficiency of people in each roles.

HR Policy Development/ Policy Revision

Organizations can use our expertise in formulating standards for managing the workforce. Our experts with their great understanding of compliance standards, industry practices shall work with you to understand your unique needs to develop policies for you. We can develop policies for managing your day to day operations like attendance policy, leave policy, travel policy etc. We can support in defining process for standardizing recruitments, performance management, grievance management, promotion/ demotions, incentivization etc. Our approach in policy design will help you maintain the culture of the organization and can support you in your endeavor to automate human resource management.

Customized HR Intervention

Our dedicated and experienced team can support you in developing and implementing you specific HR Interventions. We can develop your benchmarking reports for compensation, benefits or other practice areas. Our expert team can work with you develop and conduct internal survey for understanding employee satisfaction, policy effectiveness or on any other specific aspect as needed. We can use our in-house tools and bring our expertise for analysis and recommend follow-up actions to make the HR Interventions purposeful.

HR Audit Services

HR Audits can support you in understanding gaps with respect to industry norms. Our experts study in detail various aspect of people managements including compliance as per various HR laws, effectiveness of various HR Policies, efficiency of HR Systems etc. Our comprehensive study helps organizations with clear actionable areas to avoid risks in people management practices.

Our Consulting solutions help organization by ensuring that the subject matter expertise is always at their disposal. It helps organization develop solutions which are industry oriented, compliance driven while taking care of the unique needs to the organization. All our interventions are technology driven and time bound. This helps HR departments to plan interventions as per priority.