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Adding Unmatched Value and Enabling Scaling Up

In 2020, the retail market in India was valued at US $ 883 billion. By 2026, this value is expected to surpass US $ 1.7 trillion, representing an increase of over 80 percent in comparison to 2018. It serves one of the largest populations of the world, close to 1.4 billion, with varied tastes and fashions, and statures and depth of pockets. A highly labour-intensive segment, the Indian retail industry is pegged to increase its headcount by 25 million jobs by 2030. The retail is the original face of e-commerce, and in its entirety has been growing at an annual rate of 18-20%.

Sarv HR helps every retail player, big and small, multi-brand and single brand in their dynamic HR needs. Since retail industry features a demanding nature of operations, and engages massive workforce in traditional stores, ecommerce and hybrid models. Sarv HR accordingly customizes impacting practices and systems to ensure efficiencies and competencies that cater to the mercurial situations of the retail industry.

Our Value Proposition

  • Excellent understanding of the industry with a ringside view that gives us ample scope to generate the most ideal and contemporary HR practices.
  • Experience of blending technology and practices.
  • Wholesome and comprehensive in providing solutions, rather than being responsive and suited for piece-meal approach.
  • One-point HR solutions partner that helps you concentrate on the core operations.
  • Specialised in formulating and helping implement practices, based on industry, size and market specificity.
  • Extending economies of scale by enhancing our services.

Our Service Offerings

  • Create and implement an on-boarding programme that emphasises the organisational culture.
  • We assist with efficient attendance management.
  • Our reports help HR cost management and effective workforce planning.
  • Development and Implementation of sales training programs.
  • Standardise policies related to Loans and Advances etc.
  • Create effective incentive, recognition, and reward programmes to inspire employees and reduce turnover.

Case Study

Sarv HR has been instrumental in guiding the HR functions completely for an organisation, thereby helping it grow from 200 employees to 1500 employee size, where the stores count increased from 5 to 35. We introduced varied interventions as and when required and managed their entire HR function during their growth phase.