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Adding Incrimental Value

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, referred in their shorter form as MSMEs, form the backbone of the country’s economy, contributing nearly 27 percent to the GDP. With more than 8 million MSMEs employing approximately 120 million, the sector is undoubtedly one of the most unsung generators of activity and employment on the globe. With inherent capital issues, lack of overall and proper support from the governments, inability to enhance their roles in the value chain and integration, MSMEs face many challenges.

Sarv HR over the years, has actively forayed on the sector, imbibing a thorough terrain knowledge and eventually building exciting tech-powered and modular HR solutions that go a long way in streamlining the talent management in a cost-efficient manner for the MSMEs.

Our Value Proposition

  • Advanced and personalised HR solutions that are precisely bucketed under manufacturing, non-manufacturing, and other categories, so as to extend most effective services accordingly.
  • We honour slim budgets of our MSME clients and have been churning solutions, not compromising on the quality and standards of manpower and its management.
  • We have the most perfect understanding of compliances, labour rules and other regulations that determine HR functions in MSMEs.

Our Service Offerings

  • Optimum utilisation of the workforce by people management processes, helping you in becoming a preferred employer and attract good talent.
  • Developing strategies for talent management, identifying and addressing attrition and retention challenges.
  • Helping you in structuring and streamlining of systems, and driving a work culture, both leading to better work efficiency and higher profitability in the long run.
  • Developing and implementing robust employee engagement plan.
  • Development of competitive compensation and benefits packages, and ensuring smoother management of statutory and regulatory compliances.
  • Planning technology interventions to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Developing audit programs to sustain compliance and best practices.

Case Study

Sarv HR successfully assisted one of the leading mid-size manufacturing firms in its entire HR transformation, where negligible HR policies or practises were in place. We transformed the organisation by conceiving and formulating the entire gamut of HR processes and set benchmarks and roadmaps for their implementation and practice on a daily basis. We thus ensured that all 300 employees were compliant in all aspects. We created the complete framework for the implementation of all HR policies, structured the organisation, and aligned its operations into a professional setup.