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Preserving Principles, Infusing Modernity

Family-owned businesses are led by a group of family members who are traditionally strong and focused on ethical practises. The entire organisational culture is based on values and principles. The bonds between management and employees are much stronger and more emotionally connected. However, as the times change, these institutions have been looking forward to infusing more professionalism and create structured organisational setups that more or less border on those implemented by corporates, but not compromising on their inherent values and principles.

Sarv HR is proud to have an exclusive service line to efficiently offer HR solutions to family-run businesses. While doing so, we stay highly pragmatic and retain inbuilt values and philosophies. Sarv HR formulates exclusive frameworks and compiles personalised practices that ensure a fine balance between changing trends and inherent principles.

Our Value Proposition

  • A dedicated focus where we holistically distinguish the needs and expectations of family-owned businesses from other similar businesses thus assuring a more personalized offering.
  • Expert domain knowledge and strong competencies.
  • Customized handholding.
  • Staggered Transformation plans.
  • Quick turnaround of the Company’s scale, image and structure, through customised, HR solutions.

Our Service Offerings

  • Designing a professional ecosystem for managing employees.
  • Developing standard operating processes for administrative and strategic elements of HR.
  • Planning and designing the work distribution structure.
  • Development of sustainable HR practices.
  • Designing unique employee engagement programs.
  • Maintaining compliance standards in all HR practices.
  • Standardising employee selection, trainings and other important HR processes.
  • Integrating HR processes with technology to make processes robust.

Case Study

Sarv HR was authorised by a manufacturing company that has a workforce of 400 people. We were mandated to mentor the management, evaluate processes, and improve policies and practises. We structured their organisation and onboarded the second-line management in a span of 24 months to drive a handful of organisation functions independently and with the monitoring of the family management, as well as implementing other HR policies. We introduced the policies and transformed their organisation to a professional set up without impacting the culture, values and principles. This was done with lot of orientations, overcoming several hurdles, holding interactions and sensitization sessions for the existing manpower.