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About Us

Sarv HR is a Hyderabad-based Human Resource Management solutions company that offers a comprehensive suite of HR services to Corporates, Retail and Family-owned businesses. Our core offerings include HR consulting services, process setting & management, employment management, and technology support-all fused to drive organizational excellence. Since 2013, we have been a trusted brand that consistently brings value to clients’ businesses.

Comprehensive and critical

At Sarv HR, we offer comprehensive and critical human resources services that help businesses function more effectively. We work towards embedding appreciable HR practices and processes, customized to drive your vision, ensure operationalization with scalability, ultimately nurturing a process-driven corporate culture that aligns with your goals and values.

Wide range

We serve a wide repertoire of industries and an exhaustive range of businesses under them. We have thus earned a distinct repute as a trusted and consistent player that brings value to clients’ businesses through innovation, empathy, and technological interventions.

Sarv HR, your avowed HR partner, with tech difference

Across the world, organizations that are built out of a strong vision feature a vital dimension of Human Resources that helps them on their path to excellence. While talent management immensely contributes to the success of any organization, what actually ensures efficiency is the appropriate HR practices and systems that shape result-oriented teams up, increase productivity, and ensure highly appreciable and inspiring work atmospheres.

At Sarv HR, we have always believed in this true essence of excellence and thus dedicated our mission in nurturing this by extending comprehensive and critical human resources culture and practices.

For our clients, Sarv HR is a supportive HR partner with a dedicated mission to nurture excellence in organizations by extending comprehensive and critical human resources services. We offer a wide range of services that include instituting and infusing best HR practices and processes and their management through a comprehensive suite. These include Consulting, Data Management, and Process Management. Sarv HR drives these operations by their seamless integration through technology tools and services.



  • Acquired the first client.
  • Expanded to 6 clients.

2014-2015-Process Establishment & Technology Initiation

  • Structured processes.
  • Implemented project plan mechanism.
  • Initiated technology development.
  • Market establishment in sectors like Retail, E-Commerce and Manufacturing.

2016- 2017- Progress & Recognition

  • Growth of HRO Services.
  • Development of Data Management and Process Management module to optimize services.
  • 1st Phase of HRETE was developed and deployed for operational efficiency.
  • Nominated to Executive committee for HR & IR at FTCCI.

2018-2019-Renovation & Expansion

  • Activation of Data Management and Process management for HRO services.
  • Business expansion with Bengaluru office.
  • Knowledge partner with FAPTCII for HR Achievers Award.

2020-2021-Digital Focus

  • More than 90% Client retention during 1st phase.
  • Developed and implemented viable service fee restructuring to sustain clientele.
  • For 3 straight years implemented HR Achievers Award of FTCCI.

2022 & Beyond-Expansion

  • Widening product portfolio.
  • Increased focus on Technology based solutions.
  • Expanding into newer geographies.
  • Scaling the client portfolio.