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The Indian real estate industry is one of the fastest growing segments across the world, galloping towards the US$ 1 trillion business mark by 2030. It is also expected to contribute significantly to the Indian GDP, of atleast 13%. The real estate business includes four sub segments – residential, commercial, hospitality, and retail. With a tremendous scope to untap the potential, even in the farthest and deepest corners of the country, the real estate sector is a massive employer of both skilled and unskilled personnel.

Sarv HR has taken a serious note of this industry and its requirements and is today known to have helped many companies incubate their HR wings into well-performing support units. Sarv HR optimises its substantial real estate experience acquired over a decadal period, to deliver cost-efficient and effective solutions that are much-needed to streamline the HR functions, given the volatile business conditions that the segment wades through.

Our Value Proposition

  • 360-degree HR services including designing, formulation and incorporation.
  • Bespoke solutions backed by technology, depending on the budgets and the business size.
  • Integrating and synchronising services with a special focus on multi-project, on-the-field employee base that forms the genetic facet of any real estate firm - from corporate offices to project sites.
  • Effective implementation of HR processes.
  • Integrating practices and automating them through technology bring value to per-head cost incurred by the company.

Our Service Offerings

  • We assist with effective attendance management.
  • Create and deploy efficient payroll and employee records management systems that adhere to compliance standards.
  • Ensure development of effective implementation of Health and Safety standards.
  • Design standard policies for talent management, retention, work norms etc.
  • Develop and implement technology integrated learning systems.
  • Ensure effective management of grievances using technology.

Case Study

Sarv HR helped a fast-growing real estate company with an employee count of 500, and managing around 12 project sites. We streamlined their HR functions by designing HR policies and operationalizing with a quick turnaround. We effectively handled the grievances for site and corporate employees, designed performance management system, and aligned roles and responsibilities for varied designations. We also successfully implemented the POSH mechanism for the Company.